Roadmap for Discipleship

A choose your own adventure pathway to get to know God and growing in your faith. The roadmap is not meant to be used alone, however. Find a mentor, peer, or student to journey with and get started.


Start Here!

We'd like to help you on your journey. We believe you are here for a reason.
Read through the different categories below and choose an option that you believe best fits where you are right now on your spiritual journey. Then click on that link to go to a page with suggested resources, challenges, and next steps!
If you are not yet connected with the Utica Church of Christ, please take a minute to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thanks! And enjoy the ride!

  • I’m curious about God and Jesus Christ

  • I struggle with a negative image of Christianity

  • Wrestling with the difference between Christianity and religion

  • I know there is more to life than what is seen

  • I’m looking for answers to life’s deeper question

  • I believe in God and that Jesus is His Son sent to help people

  • I struggle with being confident that God hears my prayers

  • Looking to get more involved with the life of the church

  • I want to be more confident when I read the Bible

  • I want someone to discuss important matters with

  • I’m committed to following the life patterned by Jesus

  • I struggle with old ways and habits

  • Working toward understanding beyond the basics of Christianity

  • I wrestle with personal preference vs greater good

  • I’m excited about the new person I’m becoming

  • Christ is the center of my life and my decisions

  • God is nudging me to take on a ministry

  • I’d like to help others grow in their faith and involvement

  • Where I used to see threats to my time, I see opportunities to help

  • I need guidance and training from a mentor

  • I cannot be satisfied with merely “going to church,” I must go and make disciples

  • I want to help others get plugged into ministry

  • Struggle with balancing outreach to neighbors and helping young Christians grow

  • I need others to help me stay on task and focus on making disciples (like a team)

  • I can place myself in one of the categories above, but the problem is - I'm stuck there!

  • I feel like I'm stalled out or in a rut spiritually

  • I've lost the excitement about going and meeting with my church family on a regular basis

  • It is hard for me to read my Bible, pray, etc. on my own


  • I'd like to sit down with a real human being and talk some of these things out rather than do an online quiz.

  • I can identify with key points in several of the categories

  • I don't live in the Utica, NY area but I'd like for someone from this church to help me on my spiritual journey.


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