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You are here for a reason!

The Bible equates the Christian and their walk with that of a new born baby growing up to being a child and then a parent. Maturation is an expected aspect of the Christian's life. Our aim is to grow in our knowledge of our creator, and to grow in wisdom and maturity. Are you excited to grow?

We'd like to walk with you. If you are not already connected with the Utica church of Christ, CONTACT US and let us know. We'd love to help you


Crazy Love by Frances Chan

Don’t get complacent in your Christianity
Go beyond the do’s and don’ts of religion and encounter God’s awesome love


Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ is an intense and moving depiction of the final days of the life of Jesus Christ.



Find a mentor and pick their brain.

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Spiritual Disciplines

Learn the principles of and practical ways to pray, study your Bible, and live in Christian community.

Videos for the "Being Challenge" can be found via or at


Devotional & Prayer Guide

Work through scripture and prayer prompts to discover truths about how God wants to show His strength through your weaknesses.


Holy Spirit

The 3 Colors of Ministry book helps lay a foundation for understanding what spiritual gifts are and are not
Take the assessment in the book to find out what your starting point is and make a plan to move forward.
"What's so Spiritual about Gifts" is a great resource to help us appreciate the Holy Spirit more.


Bible Reading Plans

The YouVersion Bible app has tons of Bible reading plans for you to go through
Search for a topic or two that you are interested in and invite a friend to read along with you.


Join a Small Group

One of the best ways to get connected with the church is to meet with a smaller group of people on a regular basis for encouragement and growth.
Commit to meeting with a group for a year


Let Go and Let God

Learn how to be free to enjoy Christ's love while no longer basing your self-worth on your accomplishments or the opinions of others. Robert S. McGee's book, The Search for Significance, shows readers how four false beliefs regarding performance, approval, blame, and shame, have kept you from the joy of abundant life in Christ

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