Our Groups

We gather in people’s homes or at the church’s building for fellowship, accountibility and Bible study. At different times of the year, we have different aims with these groups. Some groups focus more on getting to know each other better and simply being social. Other groups are service oriented while some of the groups study the Bible together or have some other kind of topical Bible study agenda (finances, parenting, etc.)
If you are interested in joining a home Bible study please contact us at uticacoc@gmail.com
Here is the Fall line-up

Growth Groups: primary function to grow in knowledge of God’s Word, in relationship with God

  • Tuesday night, 6:30 at the church’s building, following the sermon schedule led by Ken Lape
  • Wednesday night, 6:30 at the church’s building, studying the Psalms, led by Jack DeBoer

Service Groups: primary function to serve with one another

  • Tuesday morning, 9:30 at the church’s building, encouragement team. Meets to pray for the church and serve by encouraging the members of the church in a variety of ways (cards, phone calls, visits, etc.)

Connect Groups: primary function is Christ-centered fellowship

  • 2nd and 4th Saturday evenings at Jim O’s house. Dinner by Jim at 5pm; Devotional around 6.

Go Groups: primary function is to teach non-Christians or brand new Christians about the basics of the gospel and faith

  • Questions and Discussion at the Taylors every other Friday evening check out their group on Facebook here.

Life Groups  these groups attempt to achieve all 4 of the goals of the church’s mission within their smaller group – a church within the church. Below are their primary meeting times but they will schedule other activities and events to support the mission of the church.

  • Thursday night, at either the Taylor’s or the Shaw’s, 7pm. Teenager centered.
  • Sunday afternoon, 4pm at the Shaver’s (Fall meeting time TBD). Grade school focused