We’ve been gracing people’s front lawns with a golden toilet for the past month as a fundraiser. All money raised will go and has already gone toward helping people who are hurting from the virus and it’s many negative effects.
It  may land on your front lawn!
If so – here are the rules:
$10 to get the potty off your lawn
$20 for removal AND you choose its next destination
$30 for all of the above plus “potty protection.” This ensures that the potty will never return to your property.
In all cases people who get “pottied” are welcome to give more than these suggested amounts.
If you don’t get the potty you can also donate to the cause.
Potty will be at each location for at least 48 hrs
(but we can be bribed to expedite the process).

If you are a member of the Utica church of Christ, please use the button below to give. You can make a “one-time” donation or set up a regularly occurring withdrawal.
When you click on the button below you should be able to choose two different options for your giving.
One is for “regular contributions” and the other is for our 4th Sunday offering. Each month we pick a need or charity that is close to our hearts and take up a collection to help. We use this money to help local organizations, worldwide missions and for when natural disasters occur and extra relief is needed.
Thanks for partnering with us in these endeavors.

Offering Link for Church Members