A Little About Us…

The Bible says that Jesus is the head and His church is His body. We aim to be connected to each other and collectively connected to the head. We grow in our knowledge and maturity. We serve one another and serve our neighbors. We are compelled by God’s love to go into our communities and beyond to share the good news we’ve discovered in Christ.

We meet every Sunday morning for encouragement, fellowship, prayer, worship and to learn from the Bible. Smaller groups of 4-24 people meet in homes, the church building or other public spaces throughout the week where we do our best to live out our beliefs with each other and spur one another on.
We would love to have to join us on a Sunday morning! You can fill in the contact form here and let us know to be expecting you or you can feel free to stop in any Sunday for class at 9:30 AM or worship at 10:30 AM. 

Our Vision

is to become a multiplying movement that spreads throughout the city of Utica and all of Central New York, sending people all over the world in God’s service. We will appropriately testify to the glory and grace of our God in each unique community in which we are planted. We would be disciples making disciples and churches planting churches: individually transformed and collectively a force fixed on bringing the healing message of Christ to the world. We will be a people who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, visit the sick and imprisoned, take up the cause of the fatherless and widow, and care for the refugee.
About 10 years ago we ran into a problem that most churches would love to have – not enough parking for our Sunday morning attendance. We asked people to park on the lawn and then we removed our old pews and put in chairs to add seating to the auditorium. At each of these minor changes we saw an increase in attendance. We were confident we were a “good church”, being faithful to God’s Word and He was blessing us with growth. We also knew that the changes we were making were only temporary solutions, we needed to do something more drastic. We needed to do something BIGGER!
After years of prayer, study, research and deliberation we became convinced that the BIG thing God wanted for our church was to get smaller!
We were already a small church. We’ve been a small church for the last 50+ years and we learned that in order to become a big church we would have to change a lot of the things that we thought made us a good small church.
So instead of trying to get bigger. We are going to try to be a small church that starts other small churches all around the region. Rather than asking people to come to us – we want to be people who really go into the world.
We moved our mid-week meeting from the church building and into our church members’ homes. Some groups focus on fellowship or Bible study and some operate in a manner that would be best described as “house church.”
We envision these groups growing and multiplying throughout the region and being effective at meeting people where they are and helping them find wholeness through faith in Jesus Christ.
General information on what the smaller groups are focused on can be found here. Please contact us for more specific times and locations if you are interested in going to one of those meetings.

Our Values

We value love above all and believe that God has called us to be kind, compassionate and hospitable people.
We value truth and firmly believe that God’s Word is truth and has been divinely shared with us through the written word, the Holy Bible. God has called us to know truth, testify to truth and proclaim the good news of His Son Jesus Christ and His kingdom. He calls His church the pillar of truth.
God has called us to be true: honest, open and sincere.
We value people. God loved the world enough to send His only Son to die for our salvation. We should love the world with the same affection that God does. We believe we should lay down our lives to help others find salvation in Jesus Christ.
We value family and tend to relate most to the church as the household of God. We are sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers in Christ.