Our History

The church of Christ in Utica, New York began in 1959 and met in the basement of home on East Park Road. The next year, with the help of a church Texas, we built this building on Herkimer Road and have been meeting there ever since.
The work began here in 1959 when a few local Uticans who were meeting with the Rome, NY church of Christ were visited in Rome one Sunday in August by Max T. Neel who was looking for recommendations for a place to build a congregation and a building. He and his wife Stella and teen aged daughter Carol purchased a house at on East Park Road, Utica, NY. Services were begun in the basement of their house. A Texas baptistry was installed. That is a long watering trough of galvanized metal that was sufficient to fully immerse a full grown man. One such man was baptized there, the first in the congregation to be baptized in Utica.